Wings of Hope supports arts in its various forms of music, theater, drawing, and fine arts, in addition to programs that develop artistic and creative skills among youth throughout the Kingdom. The organization has funded several activities including: a mobile museum targeted to the Jordan Valley and Petra schools; drawing and sculpting workshops in a number of governorates; accompanying youth and children to concerts and musical performances; and supporting local theatre and individual youth talents.

Some of the projects that Wings of Hope continues to support over the years include the music and choir program in the city of Salt, another successful art program of sculpture in Petra, and the studies and research project of Jordan Heritage. The decision for Wings of Hope to accompany those programs for a number of years was due to their significance. Such programs tend to leave great impact in the lives of young people who value art, music, and heritage, and seek to master talents and interests that could one day become a source of income and a job opportunity they could live of.

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